For Art


Most people associate Brayer rollers with the art world.  Brayers are used in contemporary printing and printmaking to break up and spread ink. Brayer rollers are primarily used for relief printing, lithography and ink stamping to produce decorative results.

Some brayers have detachable rollers which allow them to be replaced or changed as required.

For Pharmacy


With medication non-adherence costing us upwards of 290 billion dollars annually and resulting in upwards of 125,000 deaths per year consumers taking their medications correctly is more important than ever.

Cold seal medication blister cards need a brayer roller to firmly and perfectly seal each card.  Brayers are used around the world in pharmacies to securely seal these medication cold seal blister cards.

For Baking


The roller is the perfect tool for pie, cookie and pizza dough. The 3.5" roller smoothly rolls out dough and easily achieves the exact consistency, thickness, width and length. The roller makes it easy to fill in dough to the edges and ensure uniform depth around the inner rim of the pan. Its Its also perfect for crushing nuts, crackers, cookies and bread crumbs.

For Phone & Tablet LCD Screen Film Adhering


Silicone roller LCD screen film polarizing tool for mobile phone and tablet application. Silicone roller will not scratch or damage the phone screen.

It's used to paste screen protectors to avoid air bubbles between the protector and the LCD screen.

Suitable for mobile phones, computers, TVs and other digital products, professional design, simple operation.

It can be easily moved on the surface of the mobile phone screen, and can help to fix the screen protector firmly on the mobile phone screen.



Brayer Roller for art, pharmacy, print making, baking and for LCD screen film pasting.

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